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In the past decade, our rural landscapes have become more urban, and the push for climate action, green spaces, and education about our natural world has increased within our cities.
As an artist who grew up surrounded by oak groves, prairies, and animals and who has recently lived in a city for the past five years, I felt the need to create a visual narrative of these contradicting landscapes. I am often torn between the beauty, and serenity of rural living with the access and opportunities of urban communities, which is represented within this body of work.
"Altered Moments: Vegetated Metropolis" is a series of double, to triple-exposed photographs that combine themes of architecture and urban life alongside the grown patterns, colors, and expressions of nature.
These pieces urge viewers living in rural or urban areas to rethink and re-appreciate the daily patterns, shapes, and landscapes they experience through non-traditional photography.
Photography locations include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ghana, Africa

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